Many Colours (Blue Vinyl)

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LP + 12"
EU - Original
Electro + Electronic
Colder - Many Colours (Blue Vinyl)
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Limited Edition On Lightly Blue Colored Vinyl + Exclusive 12" Vinyl EP

Could there actually be anything more depressing than listening to a Colder album in a cold, grey concrete pod in that bit between Christmas and New Year where everyone else seems to be at home by the fire?

Well thats my story of 29th December, and this bleakly monotone album provided the soundtrack. Marc Nguyen Tan makes icy electronic music with panache over which he overlays sad words spoke-sung in a voice so monotone that it makes our Phil sound like Keith Chegwin in comparison. The thing is, he’s rather good at it. The records plus and minus point is that it manages to keep the same mood throughout so if you are listening to it whilst looking at concrete you’ll never need to flip. The tone set on the jerky opening title track stays throughout -- Tan sounds like he’s crestfallen about something or other. ‘Another Year’ sounds like a really really sad Junior Boys whilst ‘Turn Your Back’ has an almost uplifting piano motif that just stays on the right side of Coldplay due to some excellent electronics placed underneath. It’s on this kind of track that Tan’s single-mindedly miserable delivery holds the track back somewhat - nothing is going to cheer this man up - I don’t expect him to wail like Aretha Franklin but some variety would be, you know, nice.

And that's really my only gripe with the album. It’s superbly produced electronic mood music for staring out of windows, narrated by the saddest Frenchman in the world. The best track is perhaps ‘Midnight Fever’ which employs a more enthusiastic backing vocalist introducing much needed warmth and soul into this track along with some seriously squelshy synths.  Overall insular, claustrophobic, unbelievably sad ‘dance’ music saved from misery by innovative, crisp production.  

Vinyl LP + 12" Only Vinyl
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A1. Many ColoursMarc Nguyen...
A2. Another YearMarc Nguyen...
A3. Turn Your BackMarc Nguyen...
A4. Stationery Remote AngerMarc Nguyen...
B1. Midnight FeverOwlleMarc Nguyen...
B2. On A Flat And Empty LandMarc Nguyen...
B3. Keep For YourselfMarc Nguyen...
B4. Your KindMarc Nguyen...
B5. SilenceMarc Nguyen...
C1. A CityMarc Nguyen...
C2. AnimalMarc Nguyen...
D1. Midnight FeverElli MedeirosMarc Nguyen...
D2. Your KindMarc Nguyen...

Many Colours

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