Gold Panda – Half Of Where You Live

Ghostly International
GI-182LP / NOTOWN-020

Picture Special
US - Original
Electro + Electronic + Beat Art + Broken Beats / Headz
radiohead, clams casino, bonobo
Gold Panda - Half Of Where You Live
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Nearly three years after the release of his debut album Lucky Shiner, Gold Panda returns with his second album Half Of Where You Live, to be released on Ghostly International and his own NOTOWN label (UK). The album is the product of a period spent touring the world multiple times around, absorbing influences and probing potential new avenues of creative exploration.

The whole album, in fact, is described as a “city album” by its maker, and it’s easy to see why — each track possesses a different aesthetic and reflects a different environment. Gold Panda describes it as “a jump from location to location… I felt like I was stealing a piece of each place I went to.” ‘Community’ is a house-tinged reflection on cultural divides in London, while "Brazil" catalogs Gold Panda's arrival in Sao Paolo: “I wanted to make a track that soundtracked my ride from the airport to downtown” he explains. “The [vocal] sample is kind of like an excited chant, bigging up the place, then it all gets confusing to replicate the traffic and buildings."
Taking on this loose concept has meant a more considered approach for Gold Panda, and the music has harsher edges than his previous work, and an almost hauntological feel at times. Crucially, though, this new approach hasn't compromised the producer's
creative freedom, and the album still flows with his trademark organic vibrancy. “I've tried to really focus on just a few elements,” he explains. “I tried to avoid chopped up female vocals this time around, as it’s become pretty well done, and anything that was
too solid structurally. Ultimately, though, you just you find your groove and settle into a sound and realize you only really need to please yourself.”

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A1. Junk City IIGold Panda06:33
A2. An English HouseGold Panda04:21
B1. BrazilGold Panda05:47
B2. My Father In Hong Kong 1961Gold Panda04:03
B3. CommunityGold Panda04:33
C1. S950Gold Panda02:22
C2. We Work NightsGold Panda05:58
C3. FlintonGold Panda03:57
D1. EnoshimaGold Panda03:09
D2. The Most Liveable CityGold Panda04:32
D3. RepriseGold Panda03:28
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