DJ Koze
DJ Kicks (50th Anniversary)


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2LP + CD
EU - Original
Electro + Hip Hop / Rap + Electronic + Beat Art + Broken Beats / Headz
DJ Koze - DJ Kicks (50th Anniversary)
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Includes Free CD Of The Entire Album!

Limited Edition White Double Vinyl in Gatefold Sleeve

Characteristically refusing to hew to any particular genre or style, Koze’s mix nonetheless creates a uniform color, incorporating underground hip-hop, melodic techno, indie pop, and vintage songwriting for a selection of tracks that is at once nostalgic and futuristic, melancholy and joyful.
In order to incorporate a variety of styles, Koze created a number of custom edits and blends for the set. He also takes a novel approach to the concept of a “mix,” often eschewing long overlays in favor of serendipitous juxtapositions. “During the day I don’t have the requirement of hearing anything mixed in strict time,” he says. “Instead I focus on harmoniousness. The idea is more to create the appearance of a radio show, in the vein of John Peel for example. There is a giant cosmos of music running through my filter.”
DJ-Kicks also includes a new DJ Koze original, in the form of the dilla-esque “I Have Not Been Everywhere But It’s On My List.” With its fragile soul samples, pinched, anxious-expressive vocal snippets, and sweet guitar riffs, the track sets a luxurious tone for the mix. The mood is gentle, laid back, extremely open and willingly to take risks.

Vinyl 2LP + CD Only Vinyl
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A1. I Haven’t Been Everywhere But...DJ Koze04:01play
A2. Can’t Get Used To Those? (Kos...Dimlite02:40play
A3. Dead Dogs Two (Boards of Cana...cLOUDDEAD03:33play
A4. Best of TimesStrong Arm ...04:07play
A5. Holiday (Kosi & Finks Edit)Homeboy San...03:09play
A6. ShameFreddie Gib...03:21play
B1. Camelblues (Kosi Edit)Mndsgn03:25play
B2. Tears In The Typing PoolBroadcast02:07play
B3. CarlaDaniel Lanois01:35play
B4. Modern Hi Tek Family Bears (K...Hi Tek & Th...03:40play
B5. It Hasn’t Happened YetWilliam Sha...03:32play
C1. In StrideMarker Star...04:50play
C2. Hyuwee (Kosi Remix)Session Victim05:55play
C3. Bring The Sun feat. Gry (Kosi...Frank & Tony06:50play
D1. Jaz (Kosi Edit)Marcel Fengler06:20play
D2. Surrender (Kosi Edit)Portable fe...06:55play
D3. SuperstarThe Gentle ...03:22play

"I Haven't Been Everywhere But It's On My List" (Official Music Video)

1 Bewertung
Christoph schreibt: Uhrzeit: 22:01 Datum: 14.09.2015 Bewertung:  5
2015-09-14 22:01:37 DJ Kicks (50th Anniversary) 23,95 €
Ich weiß noch nicht genau warum, aber die Scheibe hat mich ernsthaft komplett gepackt. Läuft bei mir rauf und runter. Sehr coole Zusammenstellung/ Edits von Koze.

Nur zu empfehlen! : )