Blutch – Terre Promise


EU - Original
Electronic + Beat Art + Downtempo / Downbeat + House / Deep House + UVP
rone, james holden, four tet or bicep
Blutch - Terre Promise
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‘Terre Promise’ is the debut album of the French electronic artist Blutch. Between nostalgia and melancholy in his native Brittany, a journey to the borders of electronica, breakbeat, house and IDM. Following in the footsteps of Rone, James Holden, Four Tet or Bicep, Blutch affirms with this manifesto his ability to draw meditative landscapes as well as dancefloor escapades, syntheses of multiple influences crossed over the course of a faultless career, from his first love, hip-hop and abstract beats, his house vinyls released on the Barbecue label remixed by the cream of the genre’s guardians, from the American legend Terrence Parker to the more confidential Red Rack’em and Strip Steve, or the adventurous new chapter he has begun to write on Astropolis Records since 2020 with ‘La Cité des Étoiles’, remixed by the great Michael Mayer.

‘Terre Promise’ continues his unique trademark: smooth and inventive textures, vocals that caress and embrace you, percussive and contemporary rhythms with an immersive sound design and those catchy gimmicks he’s known for. By immersing us in his memories, Blutch opens the doors to the landscapes of his childhood and dreamed views, through a plural sound palette: UK dance music heritage (‘Cobalan’, ‘River’), contemplative tracks (‘Les Bois’, ‘Terre Promise’), contemporary IDM with pop contours (‘Poplar’, ‘Rosko’, ‘Eussa’), or crossovers with other instrumentalists (Mirabelle Gillis’ violins on ‘Choices’ and ‘Cobalan’, guitar and drums on ‘Phoenix’ or the piano on ‘Poplar’) and danceable odes (‘Floatin’, ‘Les Sables Blancs’ or ‘Remparts’ with Maxime Dangles).

A promising debut album, as atmospheric as it is frenetic. Driven by the desire to bring people together and reconnect with the earth, Blutch invites you on a deep and spiritual introspective journey, where the listener can easily imagine the producer intention. And if not, just attend the a/v live accompanied by the sublime visuals of motion designer Romain Navier for an electrifying experience, between coloured or abstract 3D and images of landscapes captured in Blutch’s North Brittany. A live show that has already enchanted Panoramas in Morlaix, Clujotronic in Romania with other dates to come (Astropolis, Paris, ...).

Full of emotions, this beautiful, sincere and intense album is enough to send Blutch to the top of the electronic music scene in France. The impressive list of collaborations and remixes around the album is proof of this, with major artists of the French electronic music scene such as Jennifer Cardini, Maxime Dangles, Lauer, Madben, Maud Geffray or Mézigue, emerging artists such as Malcolm (Global Warming Records), or from acoustic music such as violin player Mirabelle Gillis.

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A1. Terre Promise02:43play
A2. Poplar03:40play
A3. Cobalan04:02play
A4. Choices03:45play
A5. Rosko03:27play
A6. RemparsMaxime Dangles03:48play
B1. Eusa01:43play
B2. Les Bois03:01play
B3. Les Sables Blancs05:13play
B4. Floatin04:56play
B5. River04:58play
B6. Phoenix04:25play
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