Flughand – Peaceful Weibs + foremmi + nagutok ep (Bundle)

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2LP + 10" EP
DE - Original
EXCLUSIVES + Downtempo / Downbeat + Hip Hop / Rap + Beat Art + Instrumentals + BOX-Sets + Vinyl-Boxen + UVP
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Flughand - Peaceful Weibs + foremmi + nagutok ep (Bundle)
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Vinyl Digital Exclusive ! - Last copies with poster!

Nachdem Flughand erst mit seiner EXPEDITion aufhorchen liess, hat man ihn spätestens mit dem gefeierten Nachfolger "Gudina" lieben gelernt. Jetzt legt der Leipziger Beatproduzent mit "peaceful weibs" sein neuestes Werk vor und präsentiert sich einmal mehr in Höchstform. Die Instrumental-Scheibe nimmt den Hörer mit auf eine musikalische Reise, genau richtig um mal eine Pause vom stressigen Alltag zu nehmen. Zurück lehnen, entspannen und genießen!


Vinyl Digital Exclusive - Limited edition of 500 copies with special poster!

Hey peops,

get your blanket, lay down on your couch or in your bed, help yourself with a cup of tea and make yourself comfortable.

Flughand has a new LP - foremmi - and it's full of dreams.
He invites you to discover this beautiful piece of music with your eyes closed and the shining stars in your mind.  

Flughand is one of the best known artists in the genre of lofi and his songs are counting more than 30 million clicks at the streaming services.
Don't miss the chance to get your physical copy with a strictly limited poster of the artwork. 


Vinyl Digital Exclusive - Limited edition of 250 copies on 10" vinyl

Flughand is a well-known name and he is widely loved for his own interpretation of modern lofi hiphop - without clichees, but with a super sweet dog and hand-drawn covers. Now we're happy to welcome Steichi as a new figure to the cosmos. He is a Sax player, a friend and a coffee lover who totally catched Flughand's vibe. After numerous sessions together they developed their first collaboration project - the "nagutok ep". It expresses the serene and composed vibe with unexcited but beautiful sax tunes between laid-back drums and ongoing hats which just fit perfectly right.

Vinyl 2LP + 10" EP Only Vinyl
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Vinyl 2LP + 10" EP + Digital Vinyl + Digital Vinyl + Digital
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A1. Coffi Intro (Welcome Irmie)01:24play
A2. Aamulla01:53play
A3. Tusalva01:21play
A4. Hylla02:10play
A5. Diri01:49play
A6. Savina01:15play
A7. KaasullaIndius01:50play
A8. Tykky Interludium00:50play
A9. Waipuna (For Muddi)01:50play
A10. Camille01:34play
A11. Milin01:38play
B1. Peninsula02:20play
B2. Canjuu01:23play
B3. Orbita01:51play
B4. PugulieseFrau Butz02:26play
B5. Gonawey01:11play
B6. Gillon01:46play
B7. Nousta01:48play
B8. Kiito03:16play
B9. Mebude01:55play
B10. Yuuve Outro01:10play
C1. salut01:04play
C2. stelpa01:39play
C3. karalissteichi02:58play
C4. frindia01:51play
C5. erne01:21play
C6. kune00:59play
C7. arli01:53play
C8. monade01:18play
C9. minne01:52play
C10. sielu01:55play
D1. krosti01:53play
D2. kallis00:57play
D3. hiamo01:47play
D4. mana01:10play
D5. pueo02:34play
D6. lodgia02:26play
D7. taivas01:42play
D8. markise02:08play
D9. tuuli02:01play
D10. orevwa00:55play
E1. introPee Wee Ellis00:50play
E2. lauanta01:49play
E3. goodtaste02:24play
E4. maravi02:14play
E5. tauko interlude00:49play
F1. minun02:05play
F2. sepia01:42play
F3. fyrsta02:45play
F4. silu01:57play
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