Brous One – Cityscapes + Cinta De Ritmos One 2 Three + Bonus (Bundle)

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Brous One - Cityscapes + Cinta De Ritmos One 2 Three + Bonus (Bundle)
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Limited Edition Bundle includes 'Gourmet' Instrumentals & 'Cityscapes' Album Cover Poster!

Vinyl Digital & Excursions present:

Brous One is one of the best known artists in the field of instrumental hip hop. His beats are so far strongly inspired by the jazzy sound of the Boombap era, but on his latest vinyl release, the Saarbrücken-based producer is going in a more relaxed direction. Jazz is still the main inspiration, but the beats are much softer. The artist creates a perfect feel-good atmosphere for a nocturnal ride through the "Cityscapes".

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Vinyl Digital Exclusive:

The Cinta De Ritmos Chapter one finds an end, after three sold out 10“ issues you now have the chance to get your part of this magnificent beat series!

With an awesome collage cover artwork and this fine selected, remastered beats on 2LP - the series gets its worthy final!

Artwork by Ropa Sucia & Angélica Galdames

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Gourmet Instrumentals (otherwise only available in the Gourmet Deluxe Edition!)

Instrumentals liegen als Whitelabel bei.

Vinyl 4LP Only Vinyl
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Vinyl 4LP + Digital Vinyl + Digital Vinyl + Digital
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A1. The SessionBrous One01:13play
A2. MoonlightBrous One02:14play
A3. BubblesBrous One02:15play
A4. MadrugadaFloFilzBrous One02:19play
A5. Out Of My HeartBrous One02:10play
A6. See Me NowBrous One03:13play
B1. Dark ThoughtsBrous One01:17play
B2. RainbowBrous One02:01play
B3. Flyin' HighBrous One02:24play
B4. LongtimeBrous One01:31play
B5. Why NotBrous One01:51play
B6. FantasmaBrous One02:17play
B7. Hasta LuegoBrous One02:05play
C1. SoundcheckBrous One01:18play
C2. Pisco SourBrous One01:27play
C3. ArteBrous One02:40play
C4. SeñoritaBrous One02:04play
C5. YeaBrous One00:56play
C6. Real EyesBrous One01:03play
C7. La ConocíBrous One01:23play
C8. Mala SuerteBrous One01:07play
C9. No Es DifícilBrous One01:25play
C10. CintaBrous One01:19play
C11. DeseoBrous One01:41play
C12. CaminaBrous One01:14play
C13. A Veces HappyBrous One01:25play
C14. GatosBrous One01:36play
D1. CampanaBrous One01:36play
D2. Día A DíaBrous One01:52play
D3. DomingoBrous One01:24play
D4. AdiósBrous One01:47play
D5. Always RealBrous One01:23play
D6. Kill TimeBrous One01:17play
D7. DedicadaBrous One01:46play
D8. IndecisoBrous One01:25play
D9. WomanBrous One01:39play
D10. ControlBrous One01:33play
D11. Old SoulBrous One01:02play
D12. NostalgiaBrous One01:55play
E1. Jazzy JointBrous One01:30play
E2. AntiestéticoBrous One01:03play
E3. GameBrous One01:32play
E4. VolumenBrous One01:20play
E5. Writin' RhymesBrous One01:57play
E6. CantaBrous One01:50play
E7. DealBrous One01:30play
E8. VidaBrous One01:19play
E9. BonjourBrous One01:48play
E10. Lost PiecesBrous One01:49play
E11. ContentoBrous One02:03play
E12. SeeleBrous One02:29play
F1. Sorry For The DelayBrous One01:50play
F2. PicanteBrous One01:56play
F3. Otra VezBrous One02:16play
F4. Drink One MoreBrous One02:25play
F5. Mi GenteBrous One02:01play
F6. Feel Like A SirBrous One02:01play
F7. PheromonesBrous One01:35play
F8. Where's My CheeseBrous One01:25play
F9. Y'all Know The KitBrous One02:20play
F10. InfinitoBrous One01:54play
G1. HokkaidoBrous One02:36play
G2. Jederzeit bereitBrous One03:14play
G3. Darum mess ich michBrous One03:44play
G4. GourmetBrous One03:16play
G5. Flow und FunkBrous One02:48play
G6. EinheitsbreiBrous One01:40play
H1. Vom Penner zum MillionärBrous One03:41play
H2. ExcaliburBrous One03:00play
H3. WalnussBrous One02:46play
H4. PrioritätBrous One02:55play
H5. Sauvignon BlancBrous One02:11play
H6. MinestroneBrous One02:30play
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