The Greg Foat Group – Girl And Robot With Flowers


UK - Original
Soul + Jazz + Funk + Black Grooves
roy ayers, jazzman, hidden orchestra
The Greg Foat Group - Girl And Robot With Flowers
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2020 Reissue.

The Greg Foat Group has done it again. The album we’ve all been waiting for since the magnificent ‘Dark is the Sun’ enchanted listeners last year is now blinded by the brilliant light of ‘Girl and Robot with Flowers’.

Evading the dreaded ‘second album syndrome’ with consummate ease, ‘Girl and Robot with Flowers’ is a sonic soundscape of epic proportions that leaves the debut album here on earth while it blasts off into infinity – and beyond!

In 2011, with the help of his band ‘The Greg Foat Group’ the debut album ‘Dark Is the Sun’ was recorded in a unique, full analogue studio in Sweden. The album was a huge success, charting in the top 10 jazz albums on iTunes as well as being awarded top 5 jazz albums by BBC.

Based on sci-fi themes and variations by British pianist / composer / arranger Greg Foat, who has created an intriguing blend of non-contemporary jazz sounds with classic scoring techniques. An exotic array of unorthodox instrumentation was utilized, including harpsichord, tubular bells and a 15 piece choir. With musical reference and influence from such luminaries as Bruno Nicolai, Michel Legrand and Serge Gainsbourg as well as a firm nod towards UK jazzmen Michael Garrick, Keith Mansfield and Alan Hawkshaw, the result is highly-listenable, enduring and fulfilling for those who like real music played with real instruments.

Greg Foat’s love / hate relationship with the piano started at the age of 3 where he was said to have fallen off a piano stool and bumped his head on the piano. Growing up on the Isle of Wight UK exposed him to a great musical heritage, as a haven for many retired jazz musicians coupled with its strong live music scene. As a teen, a visit from Jeff Clyne during a jazz workshop served as a foundation to Greg's development exposing him to the works of the great pianist Gordon Beck, who served as his biggest influence.

Greg took his talents to London in the late 90’s often developing relationships as a musician as well as a DJ, allowing him to travel all over Europe & Scandinavia. Over the years, this lead to his collaborations with several musicians and artists such as Jonathan Jeremiah, Wendy James, Questlove of The Roots, The Black Lips, Gasper from Justice, Paul Butler of The Bees, and Liam O'Donnell of Various Cruelties.

Over the past year Greg has toured Europe and the U.K. extensively exposing his music to seasoned audiences, Jamie Cullum, Adam Ant, Helena Christiansen, Jude Law, Benicio Del Toro, Lyndsey Lohan are just a few of the many celebrity faces who have been to see the band.

NOTE -  In an effort to reduce waste, especially that of one-use plastic, this LP has been produced 'as is' and comes without shrinkwrap.

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A1. For A Breath A Tarry08:09
A2. Cast Adrift03:12
A3. Girl And Robot With Flowers (...04:03
A4. Girl And Robot With Flowers (...03:50
B1. Have Spacesuit Will Travel (P...08:09
B2. Clear Skies Select Stick03:12
B3. Blues For Lila04:03
B4. Girl And Robot With Flowers (...03:50
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