Lorine Chia – Sweet Noise

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Black Grooves + Hip Hop / Rap + United States + Funk + UVP
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Lorine Chia - Sweet Noise
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27-year-old Cameroonian-native, Los Angeles-based singer/ rapper/ songwriter Lorine Chia grew up between two worlds: one her family’s deep ties to her native country of Cameroon; the other the years she spent learning and adjusting to the American way of life and its music. Her upbringing and musical influences would prove to be an undeniable talent today, garnering Lorine Chia praises from the likes of Complex, Fader, and Billboard, while Pitchfork describes her as “plucked straight from a different era, but...ultra-contemporary.” Her contribution to her collaboration with Bad Boy/Interscope artist Machine Gun Kelly has been called “fabulously rich” by Rolling Stone.

Born in the West African country of Cameroon, Lorine Chia was reared in an environment that was instilled with a strong sense of self-sufficiency and determination that would prove integral in her future. At the age of six, Lorine moved to the rough and tumble urban environs of Baltimore, Maryland. While life may not have been a facsimile of the HBO series The Wire, life in Baltimore was not without its unique set of challenges for the young immigrant. “My parents didn’t let me go outside too much,” she says. “I got made fun of in school because of my culture and accent. It was weird. I was confused as to why they were making fun of me.” Instead of succumbing to bullies, Lorine decided to learn the culture of the urban Baltimore community all while embracing her differences. It was then she discovered Baltimore club - a genre of hyperkinetic dance music native to the region.

Taking the next decade to develop her musical attributes, Lorine was inspired by artists such as Coldplay, John Legend, The Cool Kids, and Kanye West. Recalling the moment she taught herself to play the guitar, “That right there started everything,” she reveals. “When I started playing guitar, I found a way to piece together my music. That’s when I started writing actual songs because I found some type of sound to go along with those words I had been writing all along.” Garnering an overwhelming positive response after performing in her high school music class, Lorine had gained the confidence to move full speed ahead with her musical endeavors.

Aside from her writing credits and artist features with heavy hitters such as Janelle Monae, Wiz Khalifa, The Game, Jim Jones and Young Jeezy, last year in 2018 Lorine managed to solidify her stance in the music industry as a soulful songstress that continues to inspire her fans by showcasing the honesty and hard work behind her journey.

Lorine continues to share her wins with her fans as she pioneered her “SoundCloud First” Campaign last year as one of the leading new artists to stream over 10,000 plays on the app accompanied by her very own SoundCloud Billboard located inside of NYC’s union station. Lorine also made way with Television as her classic single “Life without a Dream” along with a collaboration she did with French producer, Guts, “Open Wide” premiered on Oprah’s “Queen Sugar” series shocking fans all over the world. Her songs have also been featured in Showtime’s “White Famous,” CBC’s “Workin Moms,” HBO's own "Insecure," The NBA Finals and Playoffs, and more. She then joined forces with Adidas Originals for their Adidas Sound Lab Competition which took place at Complex Con L.A this past November where Lorine was hand picked by artist Pusha T alongside four other musicians to compete for the Adidas Sound Lab Grant. Keeping the lines of communication open with her audience as she celebrates both the music and her approach to entrepreneurship, Lorine has deemed herself to be one of the youngest leading celebrity hair stylists in the Los Angeles are now adding Usher to her clientele alongside Kelly Rowland , Erykah Badu and others with her company “Braids By Lorine”.

Lorine has made some heavy power moves as she continues to be a role model for her siblings and thousands of fans who are moved by her influence. An advocate for self love, hard work and pure determination Lorine Chia will be a top artist to watch in 2021.

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A1. Intro01:40
A2. Heart Sounds02:29
A3. $ & Peace04:17
A4. The Wrong The Right02:55
A5. You're A Star02:46
A6. Needed03:35
A7. Floating in the Night03:44
B1. Monstas03:07
B2. Mood Home Alone03:50
B3. You Never Learn02:44
B4. Hollywood02:46
B5. 201703:33
B6. Getting Ready to Meditate04:00
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