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Kutiman - 6 AM
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Songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, orchestra leader, digital mixologist, and filmmaker: Kutiman’s job description changes by the day. He’s been dubbed the prestigious title of being a “psychedelic funk architect” -- A title Kutiman truly lives up to. But while he may be too modest to agree, everything the talented musician does comes under one general description: pioneer. 

Many know Kutiman for his tremendous and innovative YouTube mash-up project, ThruYOU, while others may recognize him for his 2007 acclaimed jazz/funk self-titled debut album, or from his honorable mention in TIME Magazine’s 50 best inventions of 2009. This recognition has led to Kutiman performing at YouTube’s launch exhibition at The Guggenheim museum in New York City, and to a second ThruYOU series in 2014. Over the past few years, Kutiman has travelled to Krakow, Jerusalem, Tokyo, Riga, Istanbul, Tel Aviv and New York, to create original audio/visual montages of each city’s atmosphere. 

In July 2015, Kutiman released Space Cassava, Jazz/ Funk mini album that hailed reviews and received airplay from some of the world’s most prominent radio stations such as KCRW (Jeremy Sole), Mi-Soul (Dr. Bob Jones), BBC6 (Gilles Peterson), and Mind Fluid (Kev Beadle). 
Above all, Kutiman is a unique, soulful and organic musician who enjoys creating music under a wide range of styles. 

The second release off Kutiman’s own label will be kicked off with his much anticipated sophomore album 6AM. 6AM really does prove Kutiman has no musical boundaries; it is an album filled with psychedelic Rock n’ Roll roots, which dips into deep funk/soul grooves and even adds underlying influences from Africa and the Middle East. 
‘6AM’ stands as Kutiman’s most song oriented outing to date, with strong melodies and unforgettable hooks accompanied by lush and rich orchestral sounds. 

The album’s first single “Shine Again” starts with a signature Kutiman Orchestra bit that leads into a strong and fuzzy Rock N’ Roll lick, spiraling into a Middle Eastern tinges with powerful vocals carefully layered across the top of the catchy hook. “Shine Again” displays Kutiman’s influences, and his ability to seamlessly merge them into what is sure to be a classic. 
Google described Kutiman’s work with the paraphrase “the future is a glorious mess.” And boy, were they right.

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A1. Jaffa Beach
A2. She's a Revolution Adam Schefl...
A3. Shine Again Adam Scheflan
A4. Zeelim
B1. Stranger On The Follow Adam Scheflan
B2. Dangerous Adam Scheflan
B3. I Think I Am Karolina
B4. 6am
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