Adam Chini – Night Drive

Happy Milf Records
HMR 008

EU - Original
Black Grooves + Synthwave / Chiptunes + Electronic + Funk + Disco / Boogie
xl middleton, first touch, amadeo 85
Adam Chini - Night Drive
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Limited Edition of 400 Copies on Black Vinyl.

“Night Drive” encourages you to enjoy the ride with your car windows down, and volume & bass at the highest volume possible. Cruise the back roads during Sunset hours, or through some city lights, as the album titled track “Night Drive” gives you a warm & fuzzy funky feeling from head to toe. 

“Moving and dancing” will surely make you move every limb in your body, and it’s set to be a dance floor jam in 2018 & beyond. This melodic groove & retrofit tempo features Brian Ellis on guitar & Chini on Vocoder & production, setting the upbeat tone for the remaining tracks off the album. 

“Freak out”- Features the iconic Linn Drum, which pulsates a heavy groov & Moog bass line from start to finish. Crunchy vocoder lines, soft pads from the Oberheim, and Chini’s experimental live drumming at the end is sure to make your body move. 

“High Life” brings an arrangement of synthesized vocal pads from the Sought-after Korg DVP-1, which will make you feel like your head is in the clouds. A four on the floor disco tempo from the LINN drum, a catchy delayed lead & dry bass line form a psychedelic tinge & feeling. This track sets itself apart, and hopes to please music lovers everywhere. 

“Waiting All Night” features Portugal’s underground Funk front man “Sair” while “Boy Dude” (Adam Chini’s brother) lays a funky bass line over the top from start to finish. The Roland MC505 drives the rhythm, while SAIR & Chini talk back to each other in melody & lead parts. Vocoder, Guitar, Slap bass & soft vocal arrangements lay the foundation for the rest of the album, and will most likely leave you humming the melody. 

“Wanna Do Ya” is a track strictly for the Break dancers & Poppers. Layered vintage drum machines, Jonzun Crew sounding vocoder parts, and a dirty bass line, set an aggressive mood for the second to last track. Chini takes you on a wild ride, while closing this track out with his heartfelt lead solo. This track is guaranteed to make you sweat, and bob your head. 

“Clap Boogie” was meant for the 1970’s. Chini drives the tune with a loose style of live drumming, Stevie Wonder influenced clavinet work, dirty bass lines, Brazilian instruments, live percussion, and more. Cruise in a low-rider & turn the volume up. This tune sets the tone for what’s to come from Chini’s future production & style, and will leave you wanting more. 

Vinyl LP Only Vinyl
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Vinyl LP + Digital Vinyl + Digital Vinyl + Digital
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A1. Night DriveAdam Chini
A2. Movin And DancingBrian EllisAdam Chini
A3. Freak OutAdam Chini
B1. High LifeAdam Chini
B2. Waiting All NightBoy Dude, SaiRAdam Chini
B3. Wanna Do YaAdam Chini
B4. Clap BoogieAdam Chini
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