Quasimoto (Madlib) – The Further Adventures Of Lord Quas

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Quasimoto (Madlib) - The Further Adventures Of Lord Quas
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 "Peace to all those down with this Lost Gates shit. Welcome to Violence." (Lord Quas) - Freaky & Ill Madlib Stuff!

Madlib’s favorite alter-ego Lives the Life we all desire

Quasimoto is an artist better heard than described. How can anyone adequately articulate what Madlib is up to with his hemp ‘n helium-fueled alter ego? You could say that his albums – both 2000’s The Unseen and the new Lord Quas – are deliriously unpredictable, their pacing punctuated with jerky fits and starts, drifting at times into mellow moments, only to get yanked back into a funked-up flow. You could also try to explain how Madlib divides into different psychic bits, whether rapping as himself, as Quas, or commenting in the third person through the various found-sound dialogues he sprinkles in (Melvin Van Peebles, holla).

None of this makes sense on paper, but on record, Quasimoto is Madlib at his most creative and compelling. He’s Madlib’s id running wild through the streets, free to chase weed sacks (“Greenery”), thick booty (“Fatbacks”) and break beats (“Raw Addict Pt. 2”) all the while fending off drunken panhandlers (“Bus Ride”), wanna-be MCs (“Another Demo Tape”) and other “J.A.N. (Jive Ass Ni**az).” If not clear already, the album unfolds with such a breakneck spontaneity that if you blink, you’ve already missed something important.

It’s especially impressive that Madlib could pull off such a successful sequel considering his productivity over the intervening five years. As hard as he stamps his signature on Quasimoto, he never bogs you down in his mercurial transformations – whether in the dozens of loops he splashes together on the beats or all the doppelgangers he creates for himself. It’s a testament to his talents and the album’s pleasures that even at 26 tracks, you’re left wanting to hear what’s next, just to see what new surprise awaits around the corner.

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A1. BullyshitMadlib02:38play
A2. GreeneryMadlib03:40play
A3. CrimeMelvin Van ...Madlib01:08play
A4. Hydrant GameMelvin Van ...Madlib03:29play
A5. Don`t BlinkMelvin Van ...Madlib02:13play
A6. Players Of The GameMadlib02:36play
B1. Bus RideMelvin Van ...Madlib02:52play
B2. CloserMadvillain ...Madlib02:26play
B3. MaingirlMadlib04:44play
B4. Bartender SayMadlib02:20play
B5. 1994Madlib02:29play
B6. Another Demo TapeMadlib02:08play
C1. Raw DealMadlib01:42play
C2. Mr. Two-FacedMelvin Van ...Madlib00:36play
C3. The ExclusiveMED (Medaph...Madlib01:33play
C4. FatbacksMadlib02:01play
C5. J.A.N. (Jive Ass Niggaz)Madlib04:27play
C6. Shroom Music (Champion Bound)Madlib04:29play
D1. Rappcats Part 3Madlib02:31play
D2. Strange PianoMelvin Van ...Madlib02:31play
D3. Life Is...Melvin Van ...Madlib01:44play
D4. The Clown (Episode C)Madlib02:33play
D5. Raw Addict Part 2Madlib03:32play
D6. Tomorrow Never KnowsMadlib02:02play
D7. PrivacyMadlib02:11play
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