Black Moon – Enta Da Stage: The Complete Edition

Fat Beats
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US - Original
Vinyl-Boxen + Hip Hop / Rap + BOX-Sets
jmhonair5, dj evil dee, buckshot, 5 ft. accelerator
Black Moon - Enta Da Stage: The Complete Edition
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Vinyl Box is limited to only 1000 copies in a deluxe hard case box set featuring an 18 page booklet with new interviews, unreleased photos from the original Enta Da Stage photo shoot and additional visual ephemera!

Composed of members Buckshot, 5ft, and DJ Evil Dee, Black Moon simultaneously kicked off and defined the rap renaissance of New York with the release of Enta Da Stage in 1993. Whereas plenty of earlier groups had spit rage-filled rhymes to tear down the world’s unjust establishments, no one had evoked brooding pathos or introspective anger quite like Black Moon. Underground hip-hop might have been dominated by the sunny sound of G-Funk when Enta Da Stage dropped, but from then on the scene turned to the dark side. Black Moon was rising. Working closely with the original members, Fat Beats Records is proud to present the definitive Enta Da Stage box set. Reissued together for the first time across three formats – 6xLP boxset, 3xCD boxset, and 3xCassette boxset – this album is the complete encapsulation of an era for anyone seeking to understand the origin and the essence of New York’s Golden Age. All formats include the Da Beatminerz (Evil Dee and Mr. Walt) instrumentals and remixes, plus extensive liner notes by David Ma (Pitchfork, Wax Poetics) with rare and unreleased visual ephemera in an 18 page booklet. The story of Black Moon, alongside their peers Biggie, Big L, Nas, Kool G Rap, and Wu Tang, reminds us that the bleakest times produce the most profound agents of cultural change.And as we stand at the precipice of a new age of anxiety, Enta Da Stage has never been more relevant… or more necessary. Although Black Moon would go on to release three more albums – and its members would go on to greatness with Da Beatminerz, Boot Camp Klik, and various solo projects – Enta Da Stage remains the perfect distillation of tight lyrical menace, rowdy crew hooks, stripped down breaks, and deep basslines on all of its fourteen tracks. Although Enta Da Stage might stand in the shadow of East Coast albums such as Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), Illmatic, Liquid Swords, Ready to Die, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, and The Infamous, history will remember that Enta Da Stage preceded those releases. To understand Enta Da Stage is to understand the origin and the spirit of New York hip-hop once and for all.

Vinyl 6LP BOX Only Vinyl
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Vinyl 6LP BOX + Digital Vinyl + Digital Vinyl + Digital
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A1. Powaful Impak!04:12play
A2. Niguz Talk Shit04:17play
A3. Who Got Da Props?05:07play
B1. Act Like U Want It04:58play
B2. Buck Em Down04:38play
B3. Black Smif-N-Wessun04:21play
C1. Son Get Wrec03:29play
C2. Make Munne04:24play
C3. Slave02:44play
C4. I Got Cha Opin04:13play
D1. Shit Iz Real03:59play
D2. Enta Da Stage02:55play
D3. How Many MC's...03:58play
D4. U Da Man04:23play
E1. Powaful Impak! (Instrumental)04:05play
E2. Niguz Talk Shit (Instrumental)04:24play
E3. Who Got Da Props? (Instrumental)04:50play
F1. Act Like U Want It (Instrumen...04:57play
F2. Buck Em Down (Instrumental)04:57play
F3. Black Smif-N-Wessun (Instrume...04:27play
G1. Son Get Wrec (Instrumental)03:57play
G2. Make Munne (Instrumental)04:23play
G3. Slave (Instrumental)02:42play
G4. I Got Cha Opin (Instrumental)04:22play
H1. Shit Iz Real (Instrumental)04:02play
H2. Enta Da Stage (Instrumental)03:03play
H3. How Many MC's... (Instrumental)03:54play
H4. U Da Man (Instrumental)04:37play
I1. How Many MC's (DJ Evil Dee Re...04:32play
I2. Act Like You Want It05:00play
I3. S--t Iz Real (Buckshot's New ...04:30play
J1. Son Get Wrec (DJ Evil Dee Remix)03:51play
J2. U Da Man (DJ Evil Dee Remix)04:59play
J3. Buckshot's Freestyle Joint05:46play
K1. F*ck It Up (Rugged And Rough ...04:00play
K2. I Got Cha Opin (Remix)04:26play
K3. Buck Em Down (Da Beatminerz R...04:55play
L1. Murder MC's05:19play
L2. Six Feet Deep03:47play
L3. Reality (Killing Every...)05:11play
L4. Who Got Da Props? (MW Smooth ...03:52play
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