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Cherry Bomb (Clear Vinyl Edition)

( ofwgkta - kendrick lamar - earl sweatshirt )

Art.Nr.: 09533978
Jahr: 2015
Cover: Picture
Format: 2LP
Pressung: US -

Zustand: Neu
Hip Hop / Rap
Tyler The Creator - Cherry Bomb (Clear Vinyl Edition)

Limited Edition 1000 copies - Random Clear Vinyl!

After a trilogy of sonically bleak, ostentatiously psycho albums, Odd Future's leader has flipped his nihilistic glower into a sinister smile. Featuring cameos by jazz fusion OG Roy Ayers, Lil Wayne and Kanye West, Tyler's self-produced new one flows from the Neptunes tribute "Deathcamp" to the summery whimsy of "Find Your Wings" and "Fucking Young." Tyler still spends at least half his rhymes reminding us how few fucks he gives, and his bright new sound often comes spiked with petulant noise. But a certain humanity peeks through: "I'm raisin' the stakes/Mom, I made you a promise: It's no more Section 8." What a sweetie.

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Vinyl 2LP Only Vinyl
16,95 €*
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Vinyl 2LP + Digital Vinyl + Digital Vinyl + Digital
19,95 €*
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A1.DeathcampCole AlexanderTyler Okonm...03:09
A2.BuffaloTyler Okonma02:39
A3.PilotSydney BennettTyler Okonma03:27
A4.RunChaz Bundic...Tyler Okonma01:10
A5.Cherry BombTyler Okonma04:30
B1.Find Your WingsJameel Kirk...Tyler Okonma02:59
B2.Blow My LoadDam-Funk, W...Tyler Okonma03:10
B3.2Seater / Hair BlowsAaron Shaw,...Tyler Okonm...06:51
C1.The Brown Stains Of Darkeese ...Schoolboy QTyler Okonma03:12
C2.Fucking Young / PerfectCharlie Wil...Tyler Okonma06:41
C3.Keep Da O'sCoco O., Ph...Tyler Okonma04:09
D1.SmuckersKanye West,...Tyler Okonma05:34
D2.Okaga, CAAlice Smith...Tyler Okonma06:36
D3.Yellow (Bonus Track)Tyler Okonma02:57


1 Bewertung

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